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Our Products

Fiber Optic Patch Panels

Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management. This equipment function is to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection.

Fiber Optic Pigtails

UNISOL® Fiber optic patch cable provides an extensive line of high performance fiber assemblies. All assemblies are fully intermatable with any standard coupling adapter products.

Armored Patch Cables

UNISOL® offers a huge selection of Armored fiber optic patch cables designed for harsh environments. These cables resist damage and environmental factors such as rodents chewing on cables.

Fiber Optic Connectors

UNISOL® Fiber optic connector provides an extensive line of high performance fiber optic connectors for termination of end of an optic fiber cable and enables quicker connection and disconnection.

Shattered Fiber Adapters

We offers adapters that have compact design & high precision, which perform well under various circumstances & maintain good plug retention strength.Simplex and duplex adapters are available.

Fiber Optic Attenuators

Fiber Optic Attenuator are used to reduce or balance the power of the light transmitted from one device to another device in an optical circuit. Attenuators are available in 1310nm to 1550nm wave lengths.

FTTH Products

We are Providing FTTH Products like ODF Unit , Backbone cable , Outdoor Cabinet , Outdoor Closure , Arial Drop Cable , Indoor Drop Cable , Subscriber Home Termination box , Patch Cords etc..

CATV Products

UNISOL® has played major role in Designing of CATV RF Head ends in major cities in south India & also played a major role in distribution of CATV RF signals through coaxial cables using VHF RF amplifiers.

Our Clients

Our clients, like our people are our most treasured assets.We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity, which is the reason why most of our clients have been with us through the decade of our existence.